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I'm having so much fun with this free printable project! I love sharing the work of my talented friends and being able to offer my budget-conscious readers a way to decorate without spending much money. These printables can be displayed in Goodwill frames, clipped on a clipboard, attached to the wall with washi tape — however you like!

For this month's printable I reached out to Mari Foster, an old friend whose creativity I've admired for years. Mari sells her illustrations through Etsy and craft fairs. She created this precious fox watercolor just for LRI readers!

Find Mari on EtsyFacebook & Instagram. (Her Christmas Bear and Banjo Badger slay me!)

illustration by  Mari Makes

illustration by Mari Makes

The PDF download does not include the watermark and is formatted to print an 8x10 image. Download your printable by clicking HERE.

How sweet is this print?! It's perfect for spring! I have big dreams to collaborate with Mari on a children's book. I actually have a series planned... oh boy. Some day. :) 

Thank you, Mari!

While I'm happy to offer free art generously donated by my friends, I do hope you'll visit their shops and websites and consider purchasing pieces from them in the future. Support small businesses!