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Admiring // Five finds to inspire you this week

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Happy Monday! I know, I know. Mondays can feel like the worst. It's dreary and chilly here in Maryland and it's going to take a lot of coffee to get me through the day. I've put together a short list of links to brighten your lunch break and give you a dose of inspiration for the start of your week.

1. 55 before and after photos of the tiny shotgun house featured on last week's episode of "Fixer Upper."

photo by Rachel Whyte

photo by Rachel Whyte

!!! I think I had a stupid grin on my face the entire time I watched this episode. I find tiny house living extremely fascinating and I was crossing my fingers that the clients would choose this house! I loved that this episode included a lot of "firsts" for Chip and Joanna. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say "I love "Fixer Upper," but Joanna Gaines does the same style over and over again and it gets old." Many of Joanna's clients want their homes to reflect her style — they're all for shiplap and reclaimed wood islands. But not EVERY project on "Fixer Upper" is like that. (Season 3 has had a great variety of styles so far.) I've enjoyed watching Joanna try out different types of tile as well as cabinet and countertop finishes.

This house is definitely not for everyone. I could get over walking through the bedroom to get to the bathroom, but I could not deal with the noise (and slowwwwness) of the stair pulley. I have absurdly sensitive ears.

What did you think of the space?

2. A fun gallery wall for your kids' artwork

How happy is this gallery wall? My friend Cassie (Primitive and Proper) displays her kids' artwork in their hallway, which I imagine makes her son and daughter feel pretty great about themselves! Using mismatched frames in gallery walls can be fun, but in this example the use of all white frames allows the artwork to pop and be the main focus. Check out her post to see how she added artist palettes to the wall — I LOVE them!

3. Jenny's new website includes the ability to search for inspiration by room OR by color



Little Green Notebook has a new site design with lots of fun features. I love the ability to search by room or by color! Her site is chock full of inspiration and I used to find myself going down the rabbit hole to try to find an old project of hers. Now everything is nicely organized! (But I still think I'll spend hours and hours on here, simply because it's fun!)

4. A design gesture that made me weep

photo by Julia Robbs

photo by Julia Robbs

If you follow me on Facebook or read A Cup of Jo, you may have already caught this post. I had to include it in this list JUST IN CASE, because I would hate for you to have missed it! Jenny Komenda (author of the website mentioned above) designed a lovely home makeover for Lucy Kalinithi, whose husband Paul passed away last year. I recently read Paul's book and my heart broke for Lucy. I love the idea of gifting a home makeover and hope to be a part of something similar one day.

5. These slow cooker lentils with coconut blew my mind

Photo by Andrew Purcell

Photo by Andrew Purcell

I am a big fan of Dinner: A Love Story and often head there for cooking inspiration. I found myself salivating as I read over the ingredient list for these slow cooker lentils! I made them yesterday and I'm already counting down the hours until I can eat them again for dinner tonight. (I chose not to buy pomegranate seeds for garnishing.) We ate the lentils with raita and naan. You could also serve the lentils over rice, if desired. 

Still in a "I hate Mondays" slump? This should do the trick.

What has inspired you lately? I'd love to know!