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Around here // IKEA advice?

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Who has two thumbs and has not been to an IKEA since middle school? This girl.

I'm FINALLY going back and I don't know what emotion I feel more of — excitement or anxiety! I'm going with my mom and hoping we can avoid this kind of a situation (or a trip to the break-up room). Haha! I am nervous about the temptation to buy everything in the store, though! Part of me thinks I should stick to the few items I know I want to look at, and another part of me thinks I should enjoy the experience and see as much as I have time for. I will have around 2-3 hours to shop.

Marian just posted about her trip to IKEA, and it cracked me up that she described the store as a theme park. I've got my yoga pants and sneakers packed, people! I know I want to look at curtains, frames and plants/planters. I'm tempted to look at duvet covers and bedspreads, too.

So, yeah. I'm probably going to use up my 2-3 hours in those sections alone.

The plant section is going to be my kryptonite! I'm thinking about getting this BITTERGURKA planter (or the hanging version) for growing herbs in our kitchen. I also spotted this guy online and miiiiight just have to get him. 

I won't be buying any furniture this trip, but I'd bring a STOCKHOLM sideboard home if I could!

What are your favorite things to grab at IKEA? Do any of you have IKEA bedding? Are you happy with it? I'd appreciate any input and advice!

Wish me luck! I'll share my purchases next week!