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E-design // Lucy's final den design

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Lucy's den e-design has quickly become one of my favorite projects to date. Earlier this month I shared my initial mood boards. To catch you up, here's a bit of background on the project:

Lucy and Glenn live in Wyoming and have two young children, two dogs and a cat. The family uses the room on a daily basis for TV watching, reading and playing games, and the pets are content to curl up on the couch. The den has a tile floor and brick fireplace, and the wall colors are a mix of beige and what Lucy calls an "orangey-taupe." Lucy and Glenn both prefer traditional furnishings. Glenn enjoys displaying maps and doesn't want the room to feel too "girly" and Lucy specifically requested ideas for a reading nook. 

My rough mood boards:

We all agreed we liked the first mood board better, but we liked the industrial touches on the second board. Lucy and her husband were surprised by how much they liked the more contemporary lines of the first board's sofa and accent chair. That blue chair is just stunning — it's a perfect accent color for the paint color in the first board. (Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore.) With the square tile floor, brick fireplace and Western location, this project was the perfect chance for me to work on how I approach shapes, mixing warm and cool colors and giving a room a proper sense of place. 

Confession: I know I can delete the white space around the individual pieces, but I've been having issues with my new version of Photoshop and decided I wanted to go ahead and show you what I have now. I know it's not a hard fix and it's KILLING me that I'm struggling with it. Anyone want to help this frustrated girl out? For now, please forgive the unsightly white blocks! I'll update these boards once I get my act together. :)

For the final look I'm showing the main sitting area, a reading nook and various decorative accents. The main sitting area will feature new shelving against the existing brick fireplace surround, as well as a patterned rug and framed maps over the sofa. A tiered unit will serve as a TV stand. DVDs and small toys can be stored in flat-bottomed baskets, while blankets and larger toys can be stored in round baskets. The reading nook features the same shelving to be used as a combination bookcase and console table.

Closed storage is usually ideal for families with small children, but Lucy's narrow den will look more spacious with the many open pieces I'm suggesting. Using baskets to corral *stuff* and decorating with a light hand will keep the space from looking messy.

I had a hard time deciding on coffee tables and accent lighting for Lucy's final board. There were so many pieces I liked that I thought would work well in the space! Here are four options — which is your favorite?

Option one: pedestal coffee table, blue table lamp (with a white shade to match floor lamp), white table lamp


Option two: pedestal table, blue lamp, tripod floor lamp


Option three: tiered coffee table (matches accent table in reading nook), blue lamp, fox lamp


Option four: tripod lamp, tiered coffee table, blue lamp with wider shade, fox lamp


What do you think? I know it's a lot to take in! I love the understated industrial details, the wood tones and the pops of blue. I want to bring green into the room with plants (shocker) and it's also no surprise that I want to see some brass objects on the shelves. I've had some clients who have totally different tastes than me, and it's important to me that the rooms I decorate reflect my client's personality. But I won't lie, it's fun when I get to do a project that is similar to my own personal style!

And it's even more fun when you send off your work and get this immediate response:

"Insert sound of me squealing!  Love, love, love all of it." - Lucy

I've decided to no longer share all of my e-design sources here on the blog, however, feel free to ask where an item is from!

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Don't forget to leave a response with your favorite of the four boards!