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Dear Chloe (7 months)

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Sweet bunny, I never want to forget the way you shut your eyes tight when I turn the light on in the morning and then open them with a big smile on your face.

You kicked off month 7 by saying "dada," which we thought was a really big deal, and then five days later you started crawling! You constantly amaze us. It was as if a switch went off in your brain and suddenly you knew how to move your arms and legs just so. You take little breaks and rest on your side like a model, and then you're on your knees again and ready to go.

We celebrated your first Thanksgiving at Meemaw's house and your Aunt Melissa snuck you a taste of whipped cream while I wasn't looking. People love to spoil you — they see those chubby cheeks and sweet smile and can't help themselves! Thanksgiving day was fun, but the night was AWFUL. You had your first cold and refused to sleep in your pack-n-play because you couldn't breathe. You could only sleep propped up between your dad and me, and you would rest for all of twenty minutes at a time before waking up screaming bloody murder, legs kicking and arms flailing. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Your screams made my heart hurt and I cried with you. I also desperately craved sleep. Your dad was a saint through it all and sang to you and walked you around the room while I wept tears of exhaustion. You've been a great sleeper since day one, so I guess we're due a few miserable sleepless nights.

Speaking of sleeping, you're still on a three nap schedule. I've read 7-month-olds can go 2-3 hours between naps, but not you, bunny! Two hours is pushing it with you. You started WAVING this month when I take you upstairs for naps or bed. I don't know who or what you're waving at, but it's adorable! You are almost always thrilled to be put in your crib and you immediately pop in your wubbanub pacifier and snuggle with your lovey.

You're one busy bee! Now that you're crawling, you are constantly on the move. It only took two practice sessions for you to learn how to climb the two stairs that separate the living room and dining room. We have to keep a close eye on you because you know how to go up, but not down. We haven't yet baby-proofed — our current method has been, "Wait! Stop! Put that cord down! Don't tear the leaf off that plant! Don't stick your fingers in the dirt!" It works some of the time...

You've recently started making a super goofy wrinkle-nose face (captured in one of the pics below) and you'll make a rapid blowing noise that sounds like a woman in labor. It's ridiculous and hilarious and I thought you were SO WEIRD, but then we found out your friend Caroline does it, too! You're not alone in your weirdness, bug.

Your fluffy pooch remains one of your favorite things. You squeal when you see her in the morning and always try to crawl after her. Casey likes you the most when you are in your high chair and you drop Cheerios and other foods on the floor for her to gobble up.

As the month has gone on, you've added a few new consonants to your repertoire. You've mastered "dada" and now say "ba" and "la." I joke that you are calling me by my first name when you say "lala."

Your mama turned 30 this month! I imagine this birthday would have been hard if you weren't a part of our lives. You're the best present I could have ever asked for this year — and what a happy surprise you were/are!

We truly delight in you, Chloe Mae.