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My home // Main floor lighting round-up

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Last month I shared my list of decorating goals for 2016. One task I'd like to cross off ASAP is replacing (or DIY updating) four of the lights on our main floor — the entry light, hall light, kitchen nook light and dining room light. We also have a huge fluorescent light in our kitchen that I'd LOVE to get rid of, but I have yet to look into whether or not the ceiling repair involved would be worth the time/money (considering this is not going to be our forever home).

I rounded up a bunch of options, but I haven't made any purchases yet. All but two of these 19 fixtures are under $200!


I've put together two examples of how to mix and match these lights, but there are a lot of possibilities! Of course, my two favorite chandeliers are the most expensive options! 


The six light chandelier and distressed rust chandelier would fit in well with the rest of my dining room decor. I could save money by purchasing a five light chandelier instead of six, though it would be less grand. Decisions, decisions!

And of course, I fall in love with more options AFTER I've already created these images. Such is life. I forgot to mention this light, which I compliment every time I see it at a friend's house. I also like this round chandelier, which by the looks of it would work better with my decor than the chunky black one.

Which option (or options) do you like best? There are *tons* of options out there, so I have hope I'll land on something I love!