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E-design // Two options for Lucy's den makeover

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One of the projects I'm currently working on is an e-design for a den in Wyoming. Lucy and Glenn have two young children, two dogs and a cat. The family uses the room on a daily basis for TV watching, reading and playing games, and the pets are content to curl up on the couch.

The den has a tile floor and brick fireplace, and the wall colors are a mix of beige and what Lucy calls an "orangey-taupe." (EW. Sorry, Lucy, but that sounds awful.)

Lucy and Glenn both prefer traditional furnishings. Glenn enjoys displaying maps and doesn't want the room to feel too "girly" and Lucy specifically requested ideas for a reading nook. (There is a generous amount of space to the left of the stairs.)

My e-design service includes two quickly-created mood boards that I use to show clients a general "look" for their space. These mood boards do not always include every single item of furniture or decoration I'd suggest for the room — they are what I consider a first draft and simply a tool to show what the room could look like. I use the feedback I receive from the first two boards to create a final board, which goes more in-depth and includes a source list and instructions for implementing my design.

I would love to see shelves built into the two nooks flanking the brick fireplace. I also love the idea of hanging an oversized map over the couch. I didn't want to scare Glenn away with the first board and purposefully made it neutral and simple, with a light paint color. I liked the idea of bringing color in through a rug and accent chair, which would provide interest without overwhelming the space.

I have to note that I would NOT pair that specific coffee table with that couch — I simply liked the idea of a two-tiered coffee table. 


Happily, both Lucy and Glenn loved the first mood board! Lucy wrote, "When I saw the mood board, I was like "why haven't we done this from the start!" I didn't see the potential in that room until I saw your ideas." 

The only request they had for the second board was to see an option that included both a couch and loveseat. I decided to show an option with color on the walls and more neutral furnishings. I envisioned their brick fireplace wall being whitewashed and warmth coming from the soft wall color and wood accents.


My favorite pieces from the second board are the industrial coffee table and tripod lamp. But I was happy to hear my clients prefer the first board in general — it's definitely my favorite of the two!

I'm excited to get to work on the final look! Are there any pieces from either board that have caught your eye?