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Around here // 15 things to read, watch & make this weekend

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I've been happily swamped with client work and haven't had much time to dedicate to blog posting this week. We're expecting to receive a bunch of snow this weekend and I'm envisioning lots of snuggles, reading and soup-eating. I LOVE snow and told myself I'd try to be done with my work by the time it starts to fall this afternoon. I want to sit and watch it fall without any distractions! :)

I've put together a few things for you to enjoy this weekend, whether you're snowed in or reading this on a beach somewhere:

if you want a good laugh

if you're hungry (and have power)

  • These oven baked fries are a cinch to make. One large potato is enough for the both of us if I'm using the fries as a side, but I use two large potatoes if I'm making them as our main dish. (Yes, we eat fries for dinner now and then. It's great.) I prefer to go light on the oil.  I put foil down on a baking sheet (and spray it) so I don't have to clean the pan. Sometimes I toss the fries with garlic powder, rosemary or cayenne pepper. 
  • The chill time is a bummer, but these peanut butter cookies look like they're worth it — and the ingredients are all normal pantry staples!

if you're craving suspense

  • I listened to the fictional podcast "Limetown" while driving in the dark and was completely spellbound. 
  • If you still haven't read "Girl on the Train" or "All the Light We Cannot See" -- dash to the library or download the electronic version STAT. "All the Light We Cannot See" was one of my top books of 2014. 

if you came to this blog to read about design and you're annoyed that I'm taking about french fries

Hope your weekend is safe, warm and cozy, friends!