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Around here // What I bought at IKEA

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A bunch of y'all were shocked to hear I hadn't been to IKEA in over 15 years! (If you didn't catch that post, read it here.) I went down to Virginia last week to visit a friend and help her with a few decorating decisions — hence the quiet here on the blog. Amy and I went to Michaels, Marshalls, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby and I only bought ONE thing so that I could use my money for IKEA. I picked up a fabric underbed bin at Home Goods (like this) to use for storing linens. I like to use our tiny linen closet for spare toiletries, TP, tissues and towels. 

But let's talk IKEA. I was so impressed! The store was well organized and meticulously tidy. I did feel slightly like a lab rat as I walked through the labyrinth of displays, but mostly I was impressed by the thoughtful design. There was enough to look at that I rarely felt I was in someone else's way. (I imagine it's a totally different story on the weekend.) I had to stifle a laugh when I heard more than one couple arguing. OH, IKEA. I had originally planned to skip the showroom altogether, but a friend insisted I take in the full experience and I'm so glad I did! The kitchens were my favorite. I have big dreams to design my own kitchen one day! 

I was the most torn in the window treatments section. I originally thought I wanted light curtains for our master bedroom update, but the reality is I *love* the way our current curtains block out light. They might be ugly, but they help me sleep! I was impressed by the MARJUN curtains in person and decided to buy them. I was tempted to pick up a curtain rod while I was there, but I'm not sure if I want to do a single rod or install a double rod and have sheer curtains behind the MARJUN. 

I also picked up two large frames. I got a white RIBBA for our master bedroom and a black GUNNABO to frame an Instagram pic I had blown up. (Good idea, Amber!) I'm not sure where I'll be hanging the black framed pic, but I'm leaning towards our guest room. I might change out the mat in the RIBBA since it doesn't frame the picture properly.


I didn't buy as many plants and planters as I thought I would. The selection was fantastic, though! I grabbed one large plant, a white pot that everyone else in the universe seems to own, one of these and two succulents. Anyone know what my large plant is? Is it a bird of paradise plant? I put it in my office and brought my fiddle leaf fig down to our living room.


It's a bit ridiculous how exhausted I felt after my trip to Virginia! All that shopping wore me out, apparently. I spent the weekend reading and watching episode after episode of Friends on Netflix. Speaking of, did you catch Rachel from Friends on Weekend Update? Hilarious!