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Someday // Living room rug

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Quick note:  I have some fun news! I’m attending a calligraphy workshop in Richmond next month hosted by The Darling Event featuring  Sincerely Amy Designs. (Amy lettered the word “interiors” in my logo!) This is a GREAT opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning calligraphy. Amy is extremely talented and she’s a great teacher! The workshop includes all of the supplies you need to get started, PLUS cocktails and snacks, PLUS a mini styling session to learn how to style your new talent. There will also be a few surprises... maybe a little something fun from Laura Rennie Interiors? Guess you’ll have to come to find out! ;) Click HERE for more details. I hope you can join us!

Let’s talk about rugs. I’ve been thinking about rugs so much I’m actually dreaming about them! I’m crossing my fingers that our next big home purchase will be a new rug for our living room. I bought the one we’re currently using for $30 from Ross six years ago. It’s too small for the space, and it pains the decorator in me to be breaking such a huge “rule”! Thankfully, my husband is on board with getting a new rug. At least, he THINKS he’s on board... we’ll see how he reacts to the price tag.

I haven’t had great luck shopping for rugs in stores. I was nearly crushed (only a slight exaggeration) when someone tried to flip through the hanging rug display at Pier 1 and didn’t realize I was between two of the rugs. Then I sliced my finger on a rug’s price tag at Home Goods. Womp womp.

SO, I’m trying out online shopping. Here are a few from Rugs USA that have caught my eye:

  1. Bosphorus BD07

  2. Treasures ZG10 

  3. Treasures ZG09 Persian Vintage 

  4. Kaleen Helena 3208 

  5. Dynamic Rugs Avalon 8880 

  6. LUX KMA5 Trellis 

I’m looking for a rug that will brighten our space and add warmth and texture without overwhelming the room. #1 is my favorite — I can’t stop staring at it! I love the pops of blue. I also love how shimmery #5 and #6 appear. Unfortunately, all but #4 are made of synthetic materials. Synthetic rugs are more affordable, but I’m nervous about their durability. I want a rug that feels like an heirloom, and many of these rugs have that “look,” but they might look and feel less luxurious in person.

(I also like this one.)

There are SO many rugs to choose from! Do you have rug purchasing experience? What materials have proved to work for you? Do you have a store or website to recommend? I would love your advice!