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What do you do after spending months searching for the perfect bookcase and coming up empty? You make one yourself!

I was desperate for a new bookcase. I have books displayed in nearly every room of the house, and I was running out of surface space! I noticed I was frequently having to tuck books away in various nightstands and closets around the house. I also had a collection of decorative objects I wanted to display, but again — no surface space! 

It took me a long time to realize the height and depth of shelves I wanted weren’t going to be found at a big-box store. I began looking into adjustable shelving units and came across this post on Almost Makes Perfect. I LOVED the way Molly’s shelves turned out and immediately knew I had found the solution to my problems. I set to work designing a unit that would fit our space and needs. Here's how it all came together:

I couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out. I love to sprawl out on the couch and gaze at these shelves! I’m content with the configuration and don’t have plans to change it, but it’s nice to know the shelves can be moved around if I ever wanted to switch things up.

The great thing about adjustable shelving is that it offers a custom look at an affordable price. It also works in every room — from the laundry room to the bathroom to the nursery. If you were to do a similar project, which space would you do it in?


Shelving unit materials – Home Depot / Trunk – childhood / C-clamp bookends – Home Depot / Trophy cup – The Cottage, Harrisonburg, VA / Rhinoceros – Kohls /  Vintage camera – thrifted / Magnifying glass holder – Canton Street Antique Market, Roswell / Salzburg print – purchased in Salzburg, Austria / Frame around Salzburg print – gifted / Prism frame – Umbra / Gold bell – gifted / Woven basket – Michaels / Framed photograph – gifted / Eyeglass holder – World Market /  Hanging frames – World Market / Armillery sphere – gifted (World Market) / Brass antelope bookends – gifted / Gold clock – gifted / Vintage set of “works of” books – bequeathed