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I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I stumbled across @art_crate on Instagram and read about their services. Art Crate sources unique art from around the world and offers to mail you a print each month through their subscription service. The print you receive is specifically chosen to suit YOUR style. How fun is that? I love art, but I often get overwhelmed by sites that offer thousands of pieces. How do I choose?!

I reached out to Art Crate and asked if they’d be willing to offer me a free print in exchange for my thoughts on their service. I received a beautiful 11x14 print by abstract artist Katie Craig. I’ve been a fan of Katie’s for some time now and was pleased to recognize her work when I opened my package!


Aren’t those colors stunning? I love it! Thank you, Art Crate!

How exciting would it be to receive a piece of art in the mail each month? This service is perfect for someone who wants to bring more art into their home but doesn’t have the time to spend hours browsing or the money to buy custom work. You could use your new prints throughout your home or put them together to create a gallery wall. You can even request for your print to arrive in a custom frame (at an added cost). If you’re not ready to commit to paying for art each month, you can try it once and see what you think! You control how often you receive art, and there’s no fee for canceling the subscription. (Also, shipping is FREE! Happy dance!!!!)

Here’s how it works — first, you fill out a design survey to give your personal curator an idea of your style. (You know I LOVE design surveys!) Then you choose a pricing plan, where you decide if you want to receive a small, medium or large print. Then, you’ll receive an e-mail with three prints picked out for you. You can pick your favorite, or you can ignore the e-mail and your personal curator will select a print for you. Lastly, your print will arrive in the mail! 

Still not sure what to think? Check out Art Crate’s FAQs here (scroll to the bottom).

What do you think of the idea of receiving art through a subscription service? Would you request a style you know you like, or something outside of your comfort zone? I hope you give it a try!