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Around here // October happenings

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Popping in real quick to give a little life update. :) Are you ready for it to be November on Sunday? I’m not! This month has been hard for me in a lot of ways, but it’s also been a month of gorgeous weather (once the rain stopped) and sweet times with good friends. Here’s what my weekends looked like this month:

First weekend — I have no photographic evidence that this particular weekend happened. We went to Harrisonburg to spend time with our friends George and Jenny and I didn’t have Jack Brown’s, which is a new record I’m not proud of. (Jenny is one of my closest friends and she took the pictures for my site!)

Second weekend — Two of my dearest college friends came to visit, one from NYC and one from Florida! I spent Saturday taking Sam around downtown and we ate lunch at the bar at JoJo’s and had a lazy, delicious dinner at The Wine Kitchen. Kristen and I hiked the Maryland Heights trail and found an unconscious man who had to be airlifted to a hospital, so yeah, THAT happened.

Third weekend — Travel weekend! On Saturday I met up with a client to see her living room in person and go shopping together. (I don’t always shop with clients, but it’s a service I offer and it can be helpful for the client to see why I choose certain pieces for their space.) I know Alyssa from high school, but we have only kept in touch through social media since then. It was so fun to receive a inquiry from her when I first launched my website. She recently bought a gorgeous condo in Arlington and has asked me to decorate her living room!  

I spotted a pair of paisley pillows from Home Goods a couple of weeks ago and thought they fitted Alyssa’s style well. It was rewarding to see her reaction when I brought them in her house. She LOVES them! (Just to throw this out there: I have a great record for picking out pillows for clients.) We made quite a few purchases while we were out shopping together. The stunning pedestal side table pictured below was found at ROSS of all places! We both fell head over heels for it. The price was a little more than what we wanted to pay for a side table ($100), so we left the store. But neither of us could stop thinking about it! The other tables we looked at were not as sturdy and didn’t have that “wow” factor. We went back to ROSS and snatched it up! We are still on the lookout for a rug, a bookcase or cabinet for under her TV and a few other pieces. 

On Sunday I headed to Richmond to attend a calligraphy workshop hosted by my friend Amy (Sincerely Amy Designs) and The Darling Event at Paisley & Jade. I stopped in Carytown first to have lunch and coffee at Lamplighter Roasting Co. with my friend Cait, whose living room I decorated the last time I was in Richmond. It was only our second time hanging out, but she feels like an old friend in the best of ways!

The calligraphy workshop exceeded all of my expectations! Whenever I wasn’t tracing letters I was walking around oohing and ahhing at Paisley and Jade’s gorgeous inventoryThe Darling Event did a beautiful job decorating the space and Amy was a thorough and encouraging teacher. I was one of the event sponsors, so every attendant received a coupon towards my services. It was pretty thrilling to see my business name among the many other awesome sponsors! It was a fun afternoon of learning a new skill, getting to know the girls around me and sipping on yummy cocktails. Plus, all of the attendants were given a calligraphy starter kit to take home! I’ve been taking out my supplies at night and practicing my letters while listening to “Friends” play in the background. It’s really relaxing!

I spent the night at Amy’s house in Colonial Heights and was grateful for some quality friend time with her before leaving town. We had Firehouse subs, breakfast at Demolition Coffee and lunch at What-A-Burger. Oh my goodness, what-a-lot-of-eating-out! I have no shame.

I listened to “The Boston Girl” on audiobook during my travels and it made the awful traffic much more tolerable! The narrator has a fantastic Boston accent and I sometimes hear her voice in my head when I’m not listening to the book. :) I’m not quite finished with it, but I’ve loved it so far.

This weekend is going to be all about RELAXING. I can’t wait! I’m going to try to get my butt to morning yoga tomorrow, and then my plans include reading and... no, that’s all. I just want to read. 

OH, we got a new rug! Last month I featured a round-up of rugs I was eyeing for our living room. We went with my top choice — a distressed Persian-style from Rugs USA. We love it! It’s a MAJOR change for the room. The light colors really brighten the space. I’m terrified of spilling coffee all over it!

I hope you’ve had a lovely October and that your November will be filled with yummy treats and soft sweaters. Check in next week to see my mood board for Alyssa’s living room!