Laura Rennie


If this website were a home, this page would be the breakfast nook. Pretend I’m serving you up a warm drink and a fresh pastry, and settle on in!

I’m Laura, and I live in Frederick, Maryland, with my husband, infant daughter and our sweet, hairy dog. I married in 2008, graduated from James Madison University in 2009 and now, in 2016, am the mother of a son and daughter in heaven and a beautiful adopted daughter on earth.

My relationships hold the strongest weight in my heart, particularly the one I share with God. My grief over the past few years has shaken my faith and caused me great sorrow, confusion and anger, but ultimately I chose (and continue to choose) to believe my God is good and loving even when my circumstances are not good and don't feel loving. Though I still ache for the two children I lost, I am thrilled to rejoice over the life of my precious new daughter.

As my life is changing, so will this corner of the Internet. I hope to use this space to share ALL aspects of myself — a woman, a wife, a mourner, a rejoicer, a new mom, a friend, a working mother, a Christian, a decorator, a reader, a traveler, a cook, a sometimes-exerciser... you get the picture! My blog is not meant to be the place you go to for all the answers. It is not a highlight reel of my perfect life. (HA.) It's simply me, in word form.



A few things I love: my forever arm candy, my pup, my books and my beautiful gift from God!